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FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide

FarmVille Champ strategy guide was created by the writer of the number one selling FarmVille Secrets strategy guide. Now FarmVille Champ strategy guide is better than ever taking this game to a level basically unheard of before. Having a ton of cash to create a mind blowing farm, having more neighbors than you will know what to do with and have the power to do what you want whenever you want with the help of FarmVille Champ. This article will cover the FarmVille Champ strategy guide

No more spending endless hours searching for so called FarmVille cheats that do not exist and cause more problems than solutions. Learn the system that has been proven by FarmVille experts who own the top real estate over on Facebook. FarmVille Champ is the guide to anyone who wants to take the game to the very highest level where creativity rules and money is no longer an option

Imagine being able to purchase all of the special options and decorations for you have so much FarmVille cash money is no longer an option. FarmVille Champ will show you how to get to the very top of the game in a fraction of the time it would typically take. This strategy guide is created for those who want to dominate the FarmVille empire in a fast and extremely manner. If you are a die hard FarmVille player than you need to purchase a FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to earn FarmVille cash and they know without a impressive bank account their farm will never reach the elite level. See the farms that have been pictured on this site all of them were created with the help of FarmVille Champ. My favorite part of FarmVille now is that my creativity can run wild and no matter what I want I get for I have money spewing out of my FarmVille camp. Simply stated without FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide my farm would look like the millions of others out there but not any more.

FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide by its lonesome is the best gaming tool that you can purchase it but the creators of FarmVille Champ have decide to open the vault and include additional bonuses that every FarmVille player has been dreaming of

Bonus 1 - Underground FarmVille Stats

This detailed, color-coded, at-a-glance program tells you...

Which crops grow the fastest, yield the most and have the most experience points...

How much profit or experience points you'll gain for each size of plot...

Easy to understand expert analysis of crop times, profit and experience...

Bonus 2 - Free Farmville Cash!

Think earning Farm Cash is a slow and painful task? Think again.

It doesn't matter what level you're at, you can use this tactic to amass as much Farmville cash as you desire.

I gotta be honest. I never thought I'd let this secret out. I've made way too much money (580 Farm Cash in the last 3 days alone!) and done it way too easily to ever let others in on my plan.

But members of my inner circle reminded me no matter how many people jump on this idea... it can never lose its potency.

So here you go, my ultimate secret to getting Farmville cash on tap.

Bonus 3 - Farmville Champ Bonus Tips!

With these top bonus tips, you'll learn how to start off with a bang! Have your friends wonder how you shot up in a short period in time, leveling up several levels a day! Also, find out how you can give and receive plenty of gifts, every day, every time!

Top Secret Farmville Champ Videos!

With my freakishly expensive screen-capture equipment, I have created these visual masterpieces for you. Now you can watch LIVE as I explain the precise formula to becoming a crop growing overlord.

Your friends and neighbors will stare in disbelief as you grow and sell crops at exactly the right time for thick wads of cash.

Give yourself the edge with this unlimited all access bumper video set...

As you can see the FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide provides absolutely everything that you need to completely dominate this farming community over on Facebook. The question is do you want to continue making the same mistakes that 99% of FarmVille players make? Do you want to spend endless hours searching for the FarmVille cheat that does not exist or use a FarmVille trainer which is an accident waiting to happen? Do you want to play FarmVille the way it was designed and reap the benefits and rewards by playing the perfect game. The answer continues to be FarmVille Champ Strategy Guide

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Facebook, Zynga: We get along! Pinky swear!

The mood over at Farmville is less "Animal Farm" and more "Charlotte's Web"--or that's what the big tech companies involved would like us all to think.

In what may be the culmination of one of the past year's silliest Silicon Valley high-stakes playground games--or, perhaps more appropriately, barnyard games--social gaming giant Zynga and social network Facebook have put out a press release to announce that they are not, in fact, feuding. Actually, they've reached an agreement! For five whole years! In the name of all that is good and right in the world, I really hope people aren't as fanatically obsessed with Farmville and Mafia Wars in five years!

So here are the specifics, if you can call them specifics: "Facebook and Zynga announced today that they have entered into a five-year strategic relationship that increases their shared commitment to social gaming on Facebook and expands use of Facebook Credits in Zynga's games. The agreement provides a solid foundation for both companies to continue to work together to provide millions of people with a compelling user experience for social games."

No terms of the deal were disclosed, but this is an announcement weighted with backstory and backstabbing. Facebook, obviously, is huge, and one of the reasons that Facebook is so huge is that its developer platform gave people all sorts of new reasons to join and spend time there. One of the biggest companies to emerge on Facebook's platform was Zynga, which now has around 230 million monthly active users (Facebook has about 400 million).

But Facebook has repeatedly made changes to its developer platform that arguably haven't been in the best interest of companies like Zynga, the most recent of which is its Facebook Credits virtual currency. Downplayed in Facebook's last slew of developer-related announcements, Credits take a 30 percent cut of transaction revenues, and while they haven't been mandatory for app developers thus far (they haven't even launched in full) rumor has it that they will be.

Earlier this month, reports started to surface in TechCrunch that Zynga was so fed up that it was going to launch its own game network, called "Zynga Live," potentially preparing for a move off of Facebook altogether if it was forced to cough up the 30 percent cut of revenues. So if that happened, Facebook could start losing traffic from foaming-at-the-mouth Farmville players (Is the first item you receive a virtual raccoon? Does he bite you?) who spend hours on the site to tend to their "crops." Zynga would be fighting an uphill battle to replicate the expertly crafted social-networking channels that have made Facebook such an ideal platform for social games.

Plus, there is heaps of money at stake: Facebook's once-tepid revenues have been boosted by advertising dollars from companies like Zynga that want to increase their user base and advertise their Facebook presence. Zynga more or less mints money right now, thanks in part to the fact that people will actually pay for virtual tractors, or at least fill out offers and surveys in order to do so. Botching their relationship could be a big hit to either or both companies.


Tuesday's announcement gives some new insight into what must have been happening. There was something that smelled very strategic about the "sources close to the matter" whispering dirt to the press regarding Zynga's dissatisfaction with Facebook and hence making the boardroom disagreements public. But the official word is that everything's totally fine, and that the liaisons between the two companies should, in fact, be classified as a "long-term relationship."

I guess we've got five years to see which company wears the (virtual) pants in this one.

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Cafe World Strategy Guide

There is another guide out for those social networking games. I just saw it on the forums for Café World last week and while at first I scoffed with everyone else (it’s a favorite pastime on the Zynga forums to scoff at the guides), I quickly found that the guide was actually a lot more useful than we were giving it credit for.

When I Checked it Out

I wasn’t going to check the guide out. But, then I started to ask around and heard a few good things about how it had been helping players start to build their cafes up from nothing into relatively high efficiency restaurants – something that I had repeatedly failed to do with my own café.

After a day or two of waffling, I gave in and checked the guide out and boy am I ever glad I did. To be frank, the guide really does everything it claims to do – something I’ve never seen a guide do before. From start to finish, the Café World guide (which is the first of its kind that I’m aware of) shows players how to dig down and learn how to be one of the best players in the game.

It shows you how to pick your foods, how to develop a strategy for leveling that doesn’t waste any time, how to get new neighbors and how to get things done without ever needing to spend real world cash on the in-game money or having to fill out countless surveys to get it done.

In short, the Café World guide is a big giant blueprint that shows players how to go from level 1 to the top of the game in a streamlined path. It doesn’t give you step by step directions like other game guides because that’s not how these games work. Rather, it shows you how to cater your play style to your own schedule and do well with the time you have to invest.

When you can do that, even a part time player can be a top ranked Chef. Check it out now

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Free Cafe World Cash Video

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FarmVille Hay Bale Cheats Video

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The One and Only FarmVille Hay Bale Cheat. Get Your Copy Of FarmVille Secrets Strategy Guide Now

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Free Cafe World Cash Report

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Cafe World Strategy Guide